How To Update Walton Primo ZX

How To Update Walton Primo ZX



First:  Install the driver

Please double-click on the program to install.

Program [GN_QC_EN_Driver_V1.1.0.0.exe]

Second: Download instructions

Download tool: GNQC_DownLoadV1.6.8.0_EN.rar

After Downloading complete, please follow the steps:

1. Open GNQC_DownLoad flash tools


2. Click on the “BP Path” Button and “AP Path.” Buttons and select BP and AP from software,Download mode drop-down(DL Mode) options is choose”General download (BP + AP)…


3. Connect Mobile with PC (Mobile must be remain off) and after found port then click download. Then start downloading….


4.  Wait until the appears as shown in below figure,then the download is completed:


5. After the download completed, wait a few seconds, the phone automatically restart, the whole process is over。

6. To get all apps after on handset give the “Factory data reset”