Alcatel OT-981A Recovery Firmware

Alcatel OT-981A Recovery Firmware


tested recovery on wind mobile phone OT-981A
-recovery from endless bootloop or bricked phone

2016-05-26_20-11_alcatel ot-981a
Should work as well for other Alcatel OT 980 series
Bring your phone back to life follow these instructions
Windows 7 32 bit only … 64 bit wont WORK


install drivers first (as long the phone turns on it will install fine )
Download and install the latest Alcatel_PC-Suite drivers from Alcatel website
Download the following zip file (all the files you’ll need)
see attachment below !

HOLD GREEN + RED BUTTONS [CALL AND HANG UP] you’ll get into debug mode or hold power + # and it will take you into fastboot mode

1.Open command Prompt
2 cd C:\Users\HOME\Desktop\Alcatel OT-981 recovery [directory of the file you just downloaded]
3.type fastboot
4.type [fastboot flash recovery recovery.img ] will finish writting to phone.
6.take out the battery and press and hold Power + volume down button youll see a Android green guy icon for about 10 second don’t do anything let it finish and your phone will be reset to factory

I repeat for the number of times Windows 7 32 bit only 64 bit wont Will not work !
to put the phone in fastboot hold power + call + the # sign and the screen will go completely black that’s the sign!and thats normal then plug in the usb it will detect as an ADB device in device manager and under that you will see fastboot adb device
once that’s reader type
fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
then fastboot reboot
the phone should work!
now do a factory reset if you want to start fresh


1. Click Menu.
2. Select Settings.
3. Touch Privacy.
4. Select Factory data reset.
5. Click Reset Phone.
6. Choose Erase Everything.

While experimenting with different key combinations I stumbled across another one which worked for me:

1. Make sure phone is turned on.
2. Open up the back case and pull out the battery and SIM.
3. Replace the SIM.
4. Put the battery back in.
5. Hold down the red “end call” key
6. Hold down the “home” key simultaneous with no. 5
7. Hold down the “volume down” key simultaneous with no. 5 and 6
8. Wait for a while
9. An android icon with a Device/Mobile shows, then the normal boot sequence; then the phone’s settings are factory reset.

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